Kiichi Aichi

Kiichi Aichi (Japanese爱 知 揆 一, born October 10, 1907 in Tokyo, † November 23, 1973 ) was a Japanese politician. In the years 1968 to 1971 he was Minister of Foreign Affairs and from 1972 until his death in Finance in Japan.


Early years

Aichi Kiichi was born on 10 October 1907 as the son of the Japanese physicist Aichi Keiichi in Tokyo. He grew up in the city of Sendai on, in northern Japan, since his father taught at the University of Tohoku. There, the young high school student Aichi met the former Visiting Professor Albert Einstein, suggesting him also to study physics. However, Aichi pursue a career as a politician, a, he had studied at the Imperial University in Tokyo political science until 1931, and then worked until 1950 in the Japanese Ministry of Finance, from 1946/47, as head of the Secretariat of Finance and from 1947 to 1950 as chief the Banking Department. Then he represented until 1954, the Liberal Democratic Party in the House of Lords.


Aichi 1954 was the first time when he was Minister of International Trade and Industry Member of the Japanese Cabinet and at the same time was also director of the Economic Council. The Japanese House of Representatives since 1955, he was one of uninterrupted. In the years 1958/59, he was Minister of Justice and 1964-1966 Minister of Education. He was one of the then Prime Minister Eisaku Satō closest associates. In December 1968, he inherited Takeo Miki as new Japanese foreign minister. Aichi was confronted with various foreign policy issues, he had to renegotiate and renew the Japan-US security pact trade relations with the PRC. His course was maintained from the beginning to the alliance with the United States. He was due to the return of Okinawa to Japan on 17 June 1971. Similarly, Aichi turned increasingly to Asian problems, he tried the relationship with the People's Republic of China to improve and negotiated several times by the return of the Kuril Islands in Moscow. He also negotiated in early 1971 with the Swiss government made ​​an agreement to avoid double taxation with respect to taxes on income. He was replaced after the elections in June 1971, as Foreign Minister of Japan of Takeo Fukuda, since Aichi party, the Liberal Democrats, large voting shares declines were reported. After the parliamentary elections on December 10, 1972 Aichi returned as finance minister under Prime Minister Tanaka Kakuei, which in the meantime had replaced Sato. He has participated in numerous international conferences in order to achieve a global reform of the monetary system, as the strong slippage of the dollar in the first half of 1973 also affected the Japanese yen. Aichi died on November 23, 1973 after a short illness in Tokyo.


Kiichi Aichi married in 1936 his wife Tomiko Uda. His only daughter Ayako lives in New York, with her husband Natako Kazuo.