• , Beat ' Takeshi Kitano: Kikujiro
  • Yusuke Sekiguchi: Masao
  • Kayoko Kishimoto: Kikujiros woman
  • Yuuko Daike: Masaos mother
  • Great Gidayu: Biker Fatso
  • Nezumi Mamura: traveler
  • Kazuko Yoshiyuki: Masaos grandmother

Kikujiros summer (Japanese菊次郎の夏, Kikujirō no Natsu ) is a Japanese road movie comedy from director Takeshi Kitano from the year 1999.


The little Masao who lives with his grandmother, has not much to do in the summer holidays. When he learns of his mother's address, he wants to go it alone on the long way to her. But quite a few streets away, he is threatened by a group of ruffians. The rugged rascal Kikujiro, who is a witness to the scene with his wife, helps the little ones. When his wife finds out about his plans, she tells his grandmother that she wants to take to the sea Masao. Actually, however, it sends the erratic ex- yakuza Kikujiro with him on the journey to his mother.

Instead, they end up on the velodrome, and it continues only when the two are completely burned. Then they encounter a pervert. Masao is plagued by nightmares, his companion runs in a continuous in trouble. They hitchhike, and sent to all sorts of damage, only to find that his mother has a new family, and happy housewife. Kikujiro turns around, and does not tell him the truth, instead gives him a talisman. They meet other illustrious figures, and can be a few days with two harmless idiots down at the beach. Kikujiro struggles through to go visit his mother in the nursing home. They turn around, and end up back in Tokyo. Only here he tells the kids his name.


" A worn by melancholy and poetry, but also of unbridled lust for childish pranks homage to the slapstick silent film, which modernized the genre by the surreal and absurd humor Takeshi Kitano, '. By touching interplay between the two main characters at the same time an unobtrusive plea for friendship and humanity. "


International Film Festival of Cannes 1999

  • Competition entry and nomination for the Golden Palm

Japanese Academy Awards

  • Best Music: Joe Hisaishi
  • Best Supporting Actress: Kayoko Kishimoto
  • Nominated for Best Picture

Valladolid International Film Festival

  • Best Actor: Takeshi Kitano
  • FIPRESCI Prize