Kilimanjaro Region

Kilimanjaro is a region in northern Tanzania, with about 1.4 million inhabitants. Its capital is Moshi.

The region lies on Kilimanjaro on the border with Kenya. It is divided into seven districts Rombo, Hai, Moshi Rural, Moshi Urban, Mwanga, Same and Siha.

The largest ethnic groups of the region are the Chagga who provide the majority of the population, and the Pare, smaller groups are Kahe and Kwavi.

75 % of the population live in rural areas of agriculture and animal husbandry, agriculture contributes 60 % to the gross domestic product of the region. 30-36 % of the total coffee production in Tanzania come from Kilimanjaro, other cash crops are cotton, sugarcane, sisal, sunflower, beans and wheat. Most important staple food grown are bananas and corn. Is dairy farming in the highlands partially practiced by modern methods, while prevalent at lower altitudes traditional livestock. Because of the high population density Kilimanjaro is affected by land scarcity; in the higher areas has a family an average of 0.5 acres of land, in the deeper zones of 1.5 ha Apart from agriculture, there are various commercial and industrial activities.