Kim Appleby

Kim Appleby ( born August 28, 1961 in Stockton -on-Tees ) is a British singer.


Together with her sister Melanie Appleby ( born July 11, 1966; † 18 January 1990) she made in the 1980s, the duo Mel & Kim. Between the fall of 1986 and spring of 1988 they had in the UK four Top 10 hits on the charts, one of which even reached the top.

After the early death of her sister at the age of 23 years by the consequences of cancer Kim Appleby went on solo. She took songs that had been written by two been scheduled for the next joint album by Mel & Kim and alone, and published in late 1990, named after her own debut album. It was supported by her boyfriend Craig Logan, the former bassist of Bros. The first single Do not Worry was an international Top 10 hit, reaching # 2 in November 1990 in the UK charts. Three further extractions also reached good charts and the album was quite successful internationally.

In the fall of 1993 followed by the album Breakaway, which although again spawned three chart singles, but did not achieve high rankings. The album did not come in the charts. Thereafter there was a good decade no more releases of it.

In the meantime, Appleby had a show with an Internet radio station and appeared as a performer on in the episode of a TV series.

In 2004, she was then heard on DJ Tonka on the album 84. Three years later appeared with the download single high back its own publication. And three years later, it merged with the Cologne House musician Levthand and brought with him two singles out.





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