Kim Deal

Kim Deal ( born June 10, 1961 in Dayton, Ohio, full name Kimberley Ann Deal ) is an American musician. She was a bassist of the indie rock band Pixies and is the singer of the Breeders.


Kim Deal, was born in Dayton, Ohio, where she grew up with her twin sister Kelley. After her marriage to John Murphy, she moved to Boston. She got 1986 on a display Frank Black and Joey Santiago, with whom she founded the Pixies. Until their divorce in 1989, she used the stage name "Mrs. John Murphy ".

In 1989 she founded with Tanya Donelly and Josephine Wiggs, the Breeders, who released their debut album Pod 1991. After conflicts with Frank Black, the Pixies broke one year later. In 1993 they had the Breeders with the second album, Last Splash, and the single Cannonball worldwide success. After the departure of Tanya Donelly Kelley Deal has been added as a new guitarist in the band. 1994 had to be included in a rehabilitation clinic for their heroin addiction Kelley Deal; the Breeders were then placed on ice for eight years. During this time, Kim Deal played with her other band The Amps and recorded an album with them. They also produced albums for other bands, including Guided by Voices.

Appeared in 2002 with Title TK, a new Breeders album, 2004, the Pixies were formed again. Your first new song, Bam Thwok, comes from Deal spring. It was written for the Shrek 2 soundtrack, but was rejected.