Kim Hyeon-woo

Kim Hyeon- wwo ( born November 6, 1988 in Cheolweon, Prov. Gangwon -do) is a South Korean wrestler. It was 2012 Olympic champion in Greco-Roman wrestling in lightweight.


Kim Hyeon -woo began as a teenager at the age of 9 years with Judo and moved at age 12 in 2000 to wrestle. He is a member of the wrestling club Gangwon high school. His coach is Park Chi -ho. At a size of 1.74 meters, he is struggling at lightweight, the weight category to 66 kg body weight. It starts only in the Greco- Roman style.

As a junior he was in 2006 in Guatemala City in lightweight behind Refik Ayvazoglu from Turkey and before Lörincz Tamas from Hungary and from Russia Ruslan Belcharojew Vice World Champion.

In the senior he was only reinstated in 2010 at international championships. He was in New Delhi Asian champions here before Aibek Jensechanow from Kazakhstan. In the same year he also started the first time at the World Championships in Moscow, came there but only on the 8th Place. He left there after a defeat against Tamas Lörincz from after the 4th round. Also at the Asian Games 2010 in Guangzhou, he did not get beyond a 7th place. The winner was there Saeid Mourad Abdvali from Iran.

Great progress he saw then in 2011. He won this year at the World Championships in Istanbul in lightweight bronze medal. He defeated it Seref Tüfenk from Turkey, Plamen Petrov from Bulgaria, Edgaras Venckaitis from Lithuania and Vitaly Rakhimov from Azerbaijan. In the semifinals, he lost with 1:2 and 2:3 rounds points against Saeid Mourad Abdvali and the bronze medal he won thereafter with a victory in the consolation round about Frank Stäbler from Germany.

The greatest success in his career, Kim Hyeon- wwo won then at the Olympic Games in London. He got there at lightweight with wins over Hovhannes Warderesjan, Armenia, Edgaras Venckaitis, Steeve Guenot from France, the Olympic champion in 2008 and his old rival Tamas Lörincz the gold medal. In April 2013 he was in New Delhi Asia welterweight champion, in the beginning he was the year changed. In the final he defeated while Hadi Alizadeh Pournia from Iran. Also at the World Championships in Budapest in 2013, he took up in this weight class. He defeated Richard Rigo there, Slovakia, Yang Bin, China, Veli- Kari Suominen, Finland and Emrah Kus, Turkey. In the final, it came to a duel of the two Olympic champions of 2012 Kim Hyeon -woo (lightweight ) and Roman Vlasov, Russia ( welterweight ). In this duel of two top athletes, Kim just sat by and thus became world champion.

International success


  • All competitions in the Greco-Roman style
  • OS = The Olympic Games, WM = World Cup
  • Light weight, weight category up to 66 kg, welterweight, and 74 kg body weight


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