Kim Hyo-yeon

Hyoyeon ( born September 22, 1989 in Incheon, South Korea), full name Kim Hyo- yeon, is a South Korean dancer, singer and member of the band Girls' Generation.


Hyoyeon ( 효연 ) was born on September 22, 1989 in Incheon. She grew up with her parents and her younger brother Min -gu. Hyoyeon began when she attended primary school to take dance lessons. In the local hip-hop school, she learned Hip- Hop, Jazz Dance and Latin Dance. As of 1999, she attended the Winners Dance School, a famous dance school in South Korea, which has specialized in the directions Popping, Locking, entertainment and other street dance directions. In school, she made together with another dancer named Min, a member of the girl group miss A is today, the dance team "Little Winners ' ( 리틀 위너스 ). The duo had some dance performances and became known in the scene.

2000 Hyoyeon danced at S. M. Casting system before and was then by S. M. Entertainment trained and educated. She learned her dance moves, among others, by the Electric Boogaloos and other well-known and world-renowned choreographers such as Kim Hye -rang, Poppin Shin, Kwang Hoo ( Crazy Monkey), and Shim Jae -won by Black Beat. Furthermore, Hyoyeon mastered the dances Jive, Ballet and Cha -Cha -Cha.

In March 2004, she traveled with Choi Si -won to Beijing in order to attend The Second High School Attached to Beijing Normal University to learn Mandarin Chinese for eight months. Therefore, she speaks both Mandarin Chinese as well as their native language, Korean. In addition, she is single, with both hands and has the blood group AB. In addition, she is a member of 문미 엔 ( Munmien ), a Christian grouping of stars from the cultural entertainment that comes together, to pray together.


At the KM Music Festival 2005 Hyoyeon was BoA 's silhouette dancer during a performance of. In 2007 she formed together with Shim Jae -won a dance team, and together the song " Anonymous" by Bobby Valentino on. On 9 July 2007 Hyoyeon was as a member of SM Presented Entertainments new girl band whose name, Girls' Generation, was announced later.

On March 7, 2010, she had along with her bandmates Jessica and Sooyoung made ​​a cameo appearance in the television series Oh! My Lady ( 오! 마이 레이디 ) of SBS.

Together with Sunny and six other pop stars she is a regular member of the second season of Invincible Youth. The broadcast begins on November 12, 2011.

Girls' Generation

The South Korean girl group Girls' Generation ( 소녀 시대 ,少女 时代) was founded in 2007 by SM Entertainment was founded. On 2 August 2007 their first single "Into the New World " was released. The first album Girls' Generation was the first in a girl group since 2002, which sold over 100,000 copies in South Korea. On this success, the group was able to continue without any problems with the next album and EPs.

2009, the group managed with the title " Gee " a huge success. With the song, the group set a new record in the KBS show Music Bank by they reached the first place in nine consecutive weeks. In August 2010, the Group began to expand their musical activities to Japan. In addition, the group is on tour of Asia since December 2009.