Kim Young-ha

Kim Young- ha ( born November 11, 1968 in Hwacheon, Gangwon -do) is a South Korean writer.


Kim Young -ha was born in 1968 in Hwacheon, Gangwon Province, and grew up as the son of a South Korean soldiers at the border with North Korea. As a result of poisoning by carbon monoxide, he suffered a loss of memory of his first ten years of life. Later, he studied Business Administration at Yonsei University. During his time at the University, however, he devoted himself more traditional Korean music as his course of study and was actively involved for the student movement.

In February 1995, he debuted in the quarterly magazine " Kyegan " with reflections on the mirror. The following year, the award followed for his novel The death helper with the Munhakdongne literary award for new writers.

In 1998 he received the 44th Hyundae literary prize for your tree. In 2004, he was honored for Treasure Island by Hwang Soon -won literary prize for Big Brother is back, he received the Isan Literary Award and Black flower he won the Dongin Literature Prize.

As originally apolitical author of novels and short stories, he devoted himself later in his works the more historical references. Kim previously worked as a lecturer at the Drama School of the Korean National University and was host of a radio show that had literature as a subject. In 2008, he announced his jobs to devote themselves fully to the writing of literature. He resided at the time in New York, where he is a guest lecturer at Columbia University.

Two films based on works by Kim, one is in production and there is also a musical adaptation of one of his works.


Korean ( selection)

In German translation

  • Kim Young -ha: The Empire of Lights. Heyne Verlag, Munich, 2008 ( translated by Kyong Hae - wing ), ISBN 978-3453405448.
  • Kim Young -ha: Black flower. Bankruptcy book, Tübingen 2010 ( translated by Yang Hanju and Heiner field Hoff ), ISBN 978-3887697587.
  • Kim Young -ha: A Strangely club. Bankruptcy book, Tübingen 2012 ( translated by Yang Hanju and Heiner field Hoff ), ISBN 978-3887697761.


  • 2013 - 08 A- Award in the category of Intelligent
  • 2012 - 36th Isang Literature Award
  • 2007 - 22 Manhae Literature Prize
  • 2004 - 35th Tongin Literature Prize
  • 2004 - 04 Hwangsunwŏn Literature Prize
  • 2004 - 16 Isan Literary Award
  • 1999 - 44 Hyŏndae Literature Prize
  • 1996 - 01 Munhak Dongne author award