Kimi ni Todoke

Close to you - Kimi ni Todoke (Japanese君に届け, Kimi ni Todoke, dt " you reach ") is a manga series of the Japanese mangaka Shiina Karuho published since 2006 within the magazine Bessatsu Margaret. In 2007, the manga was adapted by Kanae Shimokawa as Light Novel series and 2009 anime television series that was produced by Production IG. A continuation of the anime took place from January 2011 to the end of March 2011.


The high school student Sawako Kuronuma is loathed by her classmates, as manifested in the school several rumors that she could see ghosts and curse people. This is due to the similarity of their names to Sadako, a character from Ring - The original. Thus, many students fear their presence and go her largely out of the way. Only the new and very popular student Shota Kazehaya treats her like any other girl. One day they will get the opportunity to talk to each other, what is their whole life upside down. She tries with his help to find new friends and like any other student to talk to strangers. It shows almost exaggerated grateful for his support and it slowly develops a close relationship between the two has to overcome many obstacles.

Formation and Publications

The drawn Karuho Shiina manga series Kimi ni Todoke has been published since issue 9/2005 of August 2005 within the magazine Bessatsu Margaret, published by Shueisha. The combined chapters were published as tankōbon editions since 25 May 2006, have been published 20 volumes. In 2008, the manga won the award for "Best Shōjo Manga " of the 32nd Annual Kodansha Manga Award.

  • Vol 1: ISBN 978-4-08-846061-1 25 May, 2006
  • Vol 2: ISBN 978-4-08-846094-9 25 September, 2006
  • Volume 3: ISBN 978-4-08-846134-2 25 January, 2007
  • Vol 4: ISBN 978-4-08-846174-8 25 May, 2007
  • Vol 5: ISBN 978-4-08-846237-0 22 November, 2007
  • Vol 6: ISBN 978-4-08-846278-3 25 March, 2008
  • Vol 7: ISBN 978-4-08-846313-1 25 July, 2008
  • Vol 8: ISBN 978-4-08-846356-8 25 November, 2008
  • Vol 9: ISBN 978-4-08-846440-4 11 September, 2009
  • Vol 10: 978-4-08-846481-7 ISBN 13 January, 2010
  • Vol 11: 978-4-08-846539-5 ISBN 11 June, 2010
  • Vol 12: 978-4-08-846568-5 ISBN 24 September, 2010
  • Vol 13: 978-4-08-846635-4 ISBN 11 March, 2011
  • Vol 14: 978-4-08-846695-8 ISBN 13 September, 2011
  • Vol 15: 978-4-08-846738-2 ISBN 25 January, 2012

In German since November 2010 published 18 volumes with Tokyopop.


Light Novel

The manga was adapted in 2007 by Kanae Shimokawa as Light Novel series, which reproduces the same act. Each issue included here the contents of two manga volumes. Is published, the series of the Japanese publisher Shueisha under the imprint Revista cobalt.

  • Vol 1: ISBN 978-4-08-601059-7, August 2007 (君に届け, Kimi ni Todoke )
  • Vol 2: ISBN 978-4-08-601096-2, November 2007 (君に届け-恋 に 気づく とき- Kimi ni Todoke - Koi ni Kizuku Toki )
  • Volume 3: ISBN 978-4-08-601165-5, May 2008 (君に届け-それぞれ の 片思い- Kimi ni Todoke - Sorezore no Kataomoi )
  • Vol 4: ISBN 978-4-08-601242-3, November 2008 (君に届け-好き と 言え なく て- Kimi ni Todoke - Suki to Ienakute )


The animation studio Production IG adapted the manga in 2009 as an anime television series whose director Hiro Kaburaki led. The character design was created by Yuka Shibata designed based on the manga. The artistic direction took over Yusuke Takeda. The series was from 7 October 2009 to 31 March 2010, after midnight (and thus on the previous TV day ) transferred to the Japanese NTV.

A continuation of the anime Kimi ni Todoke titled 2nd Season ( 「君に届け2ND SEASON 」 ) ran from January 5, 2011 to March 30, 2011 also after midnight on NTV.



In the opening credits of the anime title Kimi ni Todoke was used, which was interpreted by Tanizawa Tomofumi. The credits were welcomed to the title Kataomoi (片想い) of Chara. As a prologue for the second season of the short version of the song Soufuu was used, which was again sung by Tanizawa Tomofumi. The guy is the song Kimi ni Todoke ... May's.