The contact with the outside world began in the 17th century, when the Hudson 's Bay Company took up the first trade with the Inuit. More intensive contacts were formed when in 1860 whalers from Scotland and the U.S. whaling ships stationed here and a mica mine was opened a little later. In 1900 the Anglican Church established at one of today's settlement opposite bay their second mission station on Baffin Island. 1911 informed the Hudson 's Bay Company trading post, and 1927, a post of the Canadian police. Until 1945, when it was still called Kimmirut Lake Harbour became the administrative center for the Südbaffin region; with the establishment of the U.S. military base in Frobisher Bay, later the capital of Iqaluit, Kimmirut but lost this function and hence its importance.

In Kimmirut many art gifted people. As a result, has become an important source of value added and income improvements for the population the production of artistic stone sculptures.

Kimmirut is known for its tidal range of about 11 meters that towers by freezing seawater Eiswälle of up to 10 meters in the winter.

The town is the starting point for tours to the Katannilik - Territorial Park, which extends across the Meta Incognita Peninsula to the Frobisher Bay and is dominated largely by the Soper River.