King Midget

King Midget was an American automobile brand that 1946-1970 by the Midget Motors Supply ( 1948: Midget Motors Corporation: Midget Motors Manufacturing Company, 1956), which was built in Athens ( Ohio). Company founders were Claud Dry and Dale Orcutt.

The King Midget was a very small kit-car and had a one-step automatic transmission produced on site. It was only driven a rear wheel, thus no differential was needed. Dry and Orcutt designed the Midget while their air patrol during World War II. This car came many details from the aerospace industries, which made it easier.

The first generation was only available as a kit. For instructions, landing gear, axles, steering, suspension and templates for cutting the body parts of the U.S. were $ 270, - to be paid. During the year 1951 there was this model one fully assembled and with a single-cylinder engine of Wisconsin, the ( 4,4 ​​kW ) made ​​6 bhp.

1951 Model 2 was developed. This was a two-seater roadster, which was offered as a kit or fully assembled car, with a side-valve single-cylinder engine AENL Wisconsin, who went from 377 cc of a power of 7.5 bhp (5.5 kW). The wheelbase was 1829 mm, 203 mm less than the Crosley four-cylinder model. The total length was only 2591 mm. The model 2 was still a simple automobile without tachometer or reverse gear, but it was easy and powerful, and for only U.S. $ 500, - available. 1955 luxurious model 2 has been introduced. It was offered to 1957 and cost under U.S. $ 550, -. In contrast, the cost of a Crosley CD from 1952 as a sedan assembled U.S. $ 943, - and a similar combination only U.S. $ 1002 -.

In the 1950s, Midget Motors developed the junior and the coach. Both vehicles had no body or even plans for it. It was left to the purchasers to take care of it. The junior had a single cylinder engine from Briggs & Stratton 2.5 hp ( 1.8 kW) and a coach from the same manufacturer with 3.0 hp ( 2.2 kW). Both vehicles were equipped with an automatic clutch and had a reverse gear. Beginning of the 1960s ended their production.

In 1957 the model was introduced 3. With a new chassis with a 1,943 mm wheelbase and an overall length of 2,972 mm, it was still less than a Crosley. This model had four hydraulically actuated brakes and was driven by a 9.2 -BHP (6.8 kW ) motor. 1958 this car cost U.S. $ 900, -. When much larger Rambler American price list started at U.S. $ 1775, -. The Midget was produced by the end of the 1960s, but in 1970 ended a stricter safety production. It was developed around 5000 copies.