Kinga Preis

Kinga Price ( born August 31, 1971 in Wrocław) is a Polish actress.

Kinga price comes from an artistic family. The grandmother was a ballet dancer, her mother studied music and worked at the Opera in Wrocław. In the early 1990s studied Kinga Price in her hometown at the State Drama School. While still a student, she was a sensational debut at the Teatr Polski than Kathy of Heilbronn, directed by Jerzy Jarocki. The Teatr Polski it is connected to this day and is a member of the ensemble. Because they consistently never starred in television series, its reputation in Poland is lower than that of their colleagues from the theater in Warsaw. A wider audience, she was known for her appearances in the Chanson Festival in Wrocław, which were shown on television. Here they convinced with the Polish versions of the song repertoire of Nick Cave. She has received numerous awards for her theater and film work, including it was three times awarded between 2002 and 2006 with the Eagles of, the Polish Film Award. It is thus the only actress who has already received this award for the best lead role twice.

Important theater work at the Teatr Polski, Wroclaw

Filmography ( selection)