Kirchdorf, Lower Saxony

Kirchdorf is a municipality in the Kirchdorf ( Diepholz, Lower Saxony ). It lies about 50 km south of Bremen and 10 km south of Sulingen.

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Kirchdorf belonged to the office lamp and was with this first under the rule of the Counts of Hoya. After they died in 1582, the office fell to the Landgrave of Hesse- Kassel, the Congress of Vienna in 1814 to the Kingdom of Hanover. 1885 Kirchdorf was added to the circuit Sulingen, which in 1932 was united with the county to county county Diepholz Diepholz.


On March 1, 1974, the municipalities Kuppendorf and Scharringhausen were incorporated.


Parish council

The council includes 13 members of the voter community Kirchdorf belong. Chairman is Mayor Franz Boeckmann. (As at municipal election held on September 11, 2011 ).

Culture and sights

In the competition "Our village has a future" occupied Kirchdorf 2008 Diepholz the 2nd place.

In the southeast of the municipality is located next to the road Kuppendorfer a large contiguous area of ​​heath, the Kuppendorfer Heath. The continued existence of Kuppendorfer Heath is ensured by a Moorschnuckenherde that prevents an excessive growth of trees and shrubs. There are several fells at the edges of the community.

St. Nicholas Church

The St. Nikolai Church in Kirchdorf is the center of a parish with six villages: Bahrenborstel, Holzhausen, Kirchdorf, Kuppendorf, Scharringhausen and Woltringhausen.

It was built in the years 1831-1833 by Konsistorialbaumeister Hellner. On the floor plan of a cross a neoclassical church was built, whose sobriety and simplicity points to the center of the Protestant faith, the word of God. The pulpit is the only piece of furniture that has embellishments.

The tower dates from the 14th century and has retained its slim helmet in 1805. The church is the largest in the parish of spatially county Diepholz. It was designed for 1,200 people. In 1964 a major renovation in which also the original Romanesque baptismal font was restored. The organ was built in 1972 by Emil Hammer organ building. The big bell dates from the year 1500, the two small bells from the years 1952 and 1953.

Economy and infrastructure


Kirchdorf is the site of a primary school and a branch office in Bahrenborstel. All children from the integrated municipality can visit following the primary school, secondary school or high school Kirchdorf Sulingen.