Kirchdorf (Samtgemeinde)

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The Samtgemeinde Kirchdorf is a municipal association in Diepholz.

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Geographical Location

The Samtgemeinde Kirchdorf lies in the lowlands west of the Weser in Lower Saxony at 36 m above sea level. NN, such as the triangle of Hanover, Bremen and Osnabrück.

By Samtgemeinde the Große Aue, a left tributary of the Weser flows. A large part of the territory of the velvet municipality is occupied by several bogs. In the town of Kirchdorf is a large contiguous area of ​​heath that in Kirchdorf Heath.

Samtgemeinde outline

The Samtgemeinde Kirchdorf includes the member communities

  • Bahrenborstel with Holzhausen, Hook Moor, Göthen and Hespeloh,
  • Sanctuary with Sprekelshorst, home to and Deckertau,
  • Kirchdorf Kuppendorf, Heerde, Brunswick Mountain and Scharringhausen,
  • Varrel with Bensebülten, Brümmerloh, Dörrieloh, new farmers, Renzel and shackles; and
  • Wehrbleck with Buchenhorst, Strange, Northern wood and Nutteln.

Neighboring communities

Neighboring municipalities are - from north clockwise: Sulingen, Steyer Mountain, lamp, Wagenfeld, Samtgemeinde Rehden and Samtgemeinde Barnstorf.


1974 Samtgemeinde Kirchdorf was established as part of the local government reform. The places Kuppendorf and Scharringhausen have since started to Kirchdorf. Holzhausen has been combined with Bahrenborstel to a community and Dörrieloh since the integrated municipality establishing a district of Varrel. Together with Kirchdorf and Bahrenborstel form the communities Barenburg, sanctuary, Varrel and Wehrbleck the Municipality Kirchdorf.



The Samtgemeinderat is made up of 22 council women and councilors. In addition to the mayor directly elected the Samtgemeinderat belong to four parties and voter communities.

  • CDU 9 seats
  • SPD 6 seats
  • FDP 2 seats
  • WGS 5 seats

(As at municipal election on September 11, 2011)

Coat of arms

Coat Description: In blue with a silver pole with a black, red armored bear paw is accompanied on either side of three golden plowshares. In Schildfußhöhe a golden wave band that is blue in the stake.

Symbolism: The six together in the Samtgemeinde Kirchdorf communities are symbolized by six plowshares. At the same time thus recognized the important for the area farming. On the river, floodplain, reference is made to the shaft thread. Because the family of the lords of Hoya played a significant role in the history of the area that will be remembered with the bear claw from the coat of arms on these relationships.

Community partnerships

A brief encounter one Barenburgers with community representatives from the French town Bessé -sur -Braye in the summer of 1984 was the beginning of a now long-standing friendship between the Samtgemeinde Kirchdorf and the communities Bessé -sur -Braye, Saint -Calais, Cogners, La Chapelle- Huon and Sainte - Cérotte (all in the canton of Saint- Calais and in the department of Sarthe).


A particular concern of Samtgemeinde Kirchdorf is the promotion of local culture. It organizes an annual basis at City Hall in two an art exhibition and sale, in which many amateur artists of the district show works like oil paintings, watercolors, silk painting, ceramics and more.

Also, every two years the Municipality organized the " Kirchdorferfeld Music Weeks ". For this purpose, it invites all music-making groups to present themselves. But Foreign and foreign groups enter in individual events, guest performances.

Economy and infrastructure

The employees work 46% in services, 37% on production ( eight larger companies ). In the district of the gross domestic product per capita is 20,000 euros (77 % of the German average), the trade tax but at 160 percent. The ratio of A -to -commuter is 1260 to 1920.


Transport connections: Federal Highway 61, then highway 214, L 347, L 349 The Federal Highway 1 is 50 km away, the Bremen Airport 60 km.


In Samtgemeinde area there are 3 primary schools and 1 secondary and secondary school, district Diepholz 7 high schools, 4 vocational and 5 special schools.