Kirchseelte is a municipality in the district Harpstedt Oldenburg in Lower Saxony. The municipality had end 2010 1263 inhabitants and covers an area of ​​14.98 square kilometers.

The municipality still belongs next to the village of the district Kirchseelte Klosterseelte. A hamlet called Oerdekenbrück. However, this name is no longer used and is used only in some online route planners.

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Rivers / streams

Due to the locality of the monastery stream runs in a south-north direction.


The village Klosterseelte was first documented in 1253.


On March 1, 1974, the neighboring community Klosterseelte was incorporated.


On 1 July 1972, a field with about 200 inhabitants at that time was ceded to the neighboring community Heiligenrode.


Coat of arms

The coat of arms depicts a black fitting in the form of a stylized "K" and its adjoining mirror image with a total of ten silver nails on a golden background.


The historic train " January Harpstedt " which runs between Delmenhorst and Harpstedt, runs through the village.

The road L 338 runs from Harpstedt Heiligenrode direction through the town.


In Kirchseelte there is a community center with playground and barbecue hut and a volunteer fire department.

Personalities that act locally

  • Julius HW force ( * 1917 in Bremen, † 2008 Kirchseelte ) has been used for decades very committed to the preservation of old farmhouses. He is the founder (1973 ) and long-time chairman of the first community of interest farmhouse, which has been the preservation and care of old village image formative half-timbered houses and thus the preservation and maintenance of rural domestic landscape in the whole of Germany set a goal.