Kirkham, Lancashire

53.7825 - 2.8711111111111Koordinaten: 53 ° 47 ' N, 2 ° 52 ' W

Kirkham is a town in the prefecture of Fylde in Lancashire, England, midway between Blackpool and Preston (20 kilometers west of Preston ).

The origin of the city lies before the Roman period. The name is composed of the Danish word kirk (church) and ham ( Anglo-Saxon for settlement ).

Kirkham is located in a region dominated by agriculture. From the middle of the 18th century canvas and products made ​​from flax were produced here. In 1876, there were factories that employ a total of nearly 1,000 workers in the cotton and other industries.

The train station in Kirkham was opened in 1844, four years after the Preston. The two largest schools in the city are the " Carr Hill " and the " Kirkham Grammar".

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