Kirkja [ tʃ ʰ ɪɻtʃ ʰ a] (Danish: Kirke, literally Church ) is a place of the Faroe Islands on the island Fugloy, which belongs to the region of the northern islands.

  • Population: 28 (1 January 2007 )
  • Postal Code: FO -766
  • Municipality: Fugloyar municipal

Kirkja is next Hattarvík the only place in the small island and is situated on the southern tip Fugloy. The town has existed since the Middle Ages. The present church dates from 1933, as the place name but implies, there were already other church buildings. She recalls the style of the classic Faroese wooden churches. The altarpiece is from the famous painter Sámal Joensen - Mikines.

Kirkja is in contrast to the neighboring Hattarvík not threatened concrete of depopulation, but in the long term can also be seen here facing an uncertain future.

Transport and Tourism

The place is in demand, and if the weather permits, one to be run twice daily from the mail boat Masin, which also connects the neighboring island Svinoy with Hvannasund on Viðoy. Since the 1980s, there is next to the hiking trail to Hattarvík a highway. Since then runs three times a week also the helicopter from Atlantic Airways, thus ensuring the supply of the islanders at ( almost) any weather and directly with the Vágar airport, the capital Tórshavn and the regional metropolis Klaksvík.

Kirkja offers one of the most spectacular panoramas of the country with a view of the huge promontory of Svinoy and particularly Viðoy with his cape Enniberg. The hiking to the mountain Klubbin with its unique views make the island not only attractive for bird watchers. In the village there is next to a small mom-and-pop store, a vacation home that can be rented by tourists. More information at the Tourist Office in Klaksvík.