Kirkor Kirkorov

Kirkor Mikhailov Kirkorov, Bulgarian: Kirkor Mikhaylov Kirkorov, Cyrillic: Киркор Михайлов Киркоров ( born March 4, 1968 in Varna ) is a former Bulgarian boxer.

Amateur career

The 1,75 m tall southpaw was multiple Bulgarian champion and won the silver medal in 1986 in the Bantamweight ( up to 54 kg) at the Junior European Championships in Copenhagen. He was there in the final Diego Drumm from the GDR ( 0:5 ) inferior, after he had defeated previously László Bognár from Hungary (5-0 ) and Vahdettin ISSEVER from Turkey ( 5:0 ). In 1988 he started for the first time at the Summer Olympics in Seoul, where he is now in the first round of the tournament Diego Drumm (5-0 ) defeated and moved through a bloodless victory ( Walkover Canadian Jamie Pagendam ) in the second round of the tournament in the second round. There he was beaten to the South Koreans Lee Jae- hyuk ( 0:5 ) and thus reached # 9

In June 1989 he worked at the European Championships in Athens against Djamel Lifa from France (5-0 ), Peter Jacobsson from Sweden (5-0 ), Sandro Casa Monica from Italy (5-0 ) and Marco Rudolph from the GDR (5: 0) by and won the gold medal in the featherweight ( to 57 kg). He then competed at the World Championships in Moscow, four months later where he wins against Feyzullah Aydaş from Turkey ( 5:0 ), Felix Losada Garcia from Spain ( 27:4 ), Abdelhak Achik from Morocco ( 18:12 ) and Jamie Nicholson from Australia ( 17:4 ) reached the final, where he retired against Airat Chamatow from the Soviet Union ( TKO ).

In July 1990, he retired in the quarterfinals of the Goodwill Games in Seattle against the Americans after Ivan Robinson points out, however, won in November 1991, the World Championships in Sydney. He had this featherweight against Zoltán Kalocsa in Hungary ( 23:4 ), Djamel Lifa from France ( 26:9 ), Paul Griffin of Ireland ( 11:6 ), Hocine Soltani from Algeria ( 13:11) and Park Duk - Kyu of South Korea ( 14:14 ) enforced. As reigning world champion then he started in July 1992 at the Summer Olympic Games in Barcelona, but lost in the first match against Andreas Tews already ( 5:9 ) from Germany.

In September 1992 he took part in the Military World Championships in Aarhus. After victories against Kim Myung -jong from South Korea ( 9:5 ) and Somluck Kamsing from Thailand ( 11:7 ), he was drafted into the final, where he retired against American Julian Wheeler ( 4:5 ).

Professional career

In 1993 he became a professional and won 20 fights in a row. He was Bulgarian champion at featherweight, super bantamweight and super featherweight and also defeated the former European champion Martin Krastev ( Record: 22-5 ). He then punched on 18 June 1999 Vejle to the EBU European super featherweight, but lost the undefeated Danish titleholders Holbæk Dennis Pedersen ( 33-0 ) on points. Also in the battle for the WBC International Championship on March 25, 2000 in Białystok, he had to by TKO beaten against Tontscho Tontschew ( 19-0 ).

In the fight for the WBU World Cup on 14 September 2002 in London, he lost by TKO in the seventh round against Kevin Lear ( 13-0 ). He suffered another defeat on 21 February 2004 in Tapolca on points against János Nagy ( 15-0 ). In the struggle was over the Intercontinental Championship title of the WBA and WBO. One last title shot he played on 13 May 2006 in London. He had it in the battle for the Intercontinental Championship title of IBF premature loss to Kevin Mitchell ( 18-0 ) suffered.

Among his other opponents included, among others Vitali Tajbert (8-0 ), Devis Boschiero ( 17-0 ), Nicky Cook ( 27-1 ) and Artur Grigorian ( 37-1 ). In 2010 he finished his professional career with 29 wins and 27 defeats.