Kiruna Church

The church of Kiruna (Swedish Kiruna kyrka ) Kiruna in northern Sweden was built in 1903-1912 by architect Gustaf Wickman.

The church, which is considered one of the most remarkable buildings of the Swedish National Romantic architecture, which combines American architecture with touches of wood stave churches in Norway and Sami Koten. At the design of the church is involved, inter alia, Prinz Eugen with an altarpiece and Christian Eriksson with George slaying the dragon, a relief on the facade and twelve statues on the roof, which symbolize human emotions, including tenderness, love, compassion and despair. The organ with 40 stops on four manuals and pedal was built by the German organ builder Beckerath 1957.

Statues that symbolize human emotions

Beckerath organ

Statue of " ecstasy "

Church Park

In the southern part of the park the grave of Hjalmar Lundbohm is - the only grave in the park. Lundbohm initiated in 1897 on the spot for the LKAB planning a new church, which was raised in 1914 as the Kiruna city.