• Group 5: Spitz and primitive types
  • Section 5: Asian Spitz and related breeds
  • Without working trial


纪 州 犬, Kishū - Inu, Kishu Ken

Male: 52 cm Female: 46 cm each ± 3 cm

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The Kishu (Japanese纪 州) is recognized by the FCI breed of dog from Japan (FCI Group 5, Section 5, Standard No. 318)

Origin and History

The Kishu derives from long-established medium sized dogs from out of the area of the prefectures of Wakayama and Mie, the earlier formed both Kishū. Since 1934 only solid colors are permitted for breeding, this year the race was chosen as a " monument of nature ". This breed was named the area from which they came.


Up to 52 cm high dog with hard, straight outer coat in white, red or sesame (red fawn hairs with black tips). On the cheeks and on the tail the hair is relatively long. The undercoat is dense and abundant. The ears are pointed, typically small, triangular, slightly inclining forward and firmly upright, the tail set high, thick, carried vigorously curled or curved like a sickle over the back.


These dogs are now used primarily for hunting wild boar; earlier, however, they also hunted deer.

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