Kisii, Kenya

Kisii is a town in southwestern Kenya, with around 70,000 inhabitants ( 2002). Kisii town is located in the Nyanza Province and is the capital of the district of Kisii. The formerly larger Kisii district was divided and it fell into two further administrative districts, Nyamira and Gucha. The city serves these districts and the region of South Nyanza and Trans - Mara as a trading center.

The city's name is derived from the first favorite ethnic group of Kisii or Gusii. This speaks the Bantu Kisii.

Geographical Location

Kisii town is located in southwestern Kenya to an average of 1700 m above sea level. NN just south of the equator on the geographical coordinates of latitude 0 ° 41 ' South and longitude 34 ° 46 ' East.


The city is located in the tropical climate zone, but has a very pleasant climate for Europeans because of their altitude. The temperatures are very consistent throughout the year and there are almost daily rain.


There is a little industry. Essentially, the city is but characterized by coffee, tea and other agricultural products, as the surrounding land is very fertile. The nearby soapstone quarries in Tabaka with the largest deposits in the world and the further processing of the stones to tourists souvenirs are to be mentioned.


Kisii town has 70,000 inhabitants, the surrounding area is not included. In addition to the Kisii live here members of several other ethnic groups such as the Kikuyu and a number of Indians.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Fred Obachi Machoka, television and radio presenter
  • David Omiti Makori, long-distance runner
  • Isabella Ochichi, long-distance runner
  • Yobes Ondieki, long-distance runner