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Kiss Unplugged is the title of the published 1996 live album by the American hard rock band Kiss. It documents the first joint appearance of the group in their original line-up since 1979 and was also the starting signal for the comeback of masks and costumes and flamboyant stage shows of the band.

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Classification in the musical background

After the band after the departure of Peter Criss (1980) and Ace Frehley (1982 ) by Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley passed and the band's career continued in the early 1980s with changing musicians until 1984, a stable line with Eric Carr ( drums) and Bruce Kulick ( lead guitar ) revealed the band released from 1985 albums of varying quality and with less commercial success than in the past out. In 1991, the group worked on the album Revenge, as Eric Carr ill with cancer and died in November of the year. He was replaced by Eric Singer, completed with the Revenge and the live album Alive III was added.

In 1995, the Group acquired, developed by their fans concept of " Kiss conventions " and organized in various Australian, Canadian and American cities own events, within the framework of the original costumes from the 1970 he and 1980s, instruments, designs for record sleeves and show props were issued, played cover bands and finally occurred Kiss, answered questions from the fans and played songs on call. It was organized with 32 conventions a complete tour, on 3 February 1995 in Perth ( Australia) began and ended on 1 August 1995 in Pittsburgh. The American part of the Convention Tour headed Tommy Thayer.

On June 17, 1995, Peter Criss came to the convention in Burbank ( California), after he had been invited by Gene Simmons to his daughter Jenilee show a part of his own history can. He was picked up in a limousine and sang the songs with Kiss Hard Luck Woman and Nothin to Loose, which he had sung to his playing days with Kiss.

MTV Unplugged had become since the Original broadcast 1989 on a format where musicians were very interested in participating. Although MTV had never shown much interest in Kiss, was Alex Coletti, producer and director at MTV, keen to win the belt for Unplugged. He met with Kiss' tour manager Tim Rozner, who gave him a tape recording of the acoustic sets one of the conventions, and Coletti advertised on MTV for it to bring Kiss for Unplugged. When he met with a positive response, he met on July 22 at the Kiss convention in Detroit with the band and was wearing his proposal.

From the outset it was planned this, Peter Criss and Ace Frehley to leave his part of the recordings; MTV went as naturally assume that the two original members in the recording would be there. But it also seemed to Stanley and Simmons no problem presented, when the co-founder of Kiss of the show would be - ultimately it was clear that everyone involved - band, Criss, Frehley and MTV - would benefit from it. Finally, both sides agreed to a contract, which provided that Kiss in their then current occupation, amplified by the guests Criss and Frehley in the Sony Sound Studios in New York City part of the story should be unplugged on 9 August 1995. After the end of the convention tour the band members themselves went with Frehley and Criss in the SIR rehearsal studios, to prepare for the mission.


The recording of Kiss Unplugged took place on 9 August 1995 in the Sony Sound Studios in New York City. The band initially joined in their then current cast ( Gene Simmons, Paul Stanley, Bruce Kulick and Eric Singer) on the stage and started comin 'home. This title was never played live before 1995. Another unusual song for a Kiss show was Plaster Caster, it became clear by that Kiss would play obscure titles. The concert ended with the aforementioned cast formed Everytime I Look at You; for this item was an orchestra on stage, which supported the band. Phil Ashley played this piano.

Then the stage was rebuilt to make room for another percussion and an additional bar stools. Meanwhile, the band entertained the audience in the studio with acoustic versions of Heaven's on Fire, Spit, C'mon and Love Me and a country version of God of Thunder, before Paul Stanley announced that Peter Criss and Ace Frehley would also occur.

For the first time since 1980, the group performed in their original line-up on public and played, sung by Ace Frehley Rolling Stones cover 2,000 Man, then sang Peter Criss Beth before Kulick and Singer were returning. Six of the group was still playing Nothin 'to Lose and Rock And Roll All Nite.

The recording was then edited by MTV, Kiss Unplugged was sent for the first time on 31 October 1995.


MTV had initially hesitated to release the album, although Mercury Records had offered to take over the distribution. Danny Goldberg, who recently went up to Chief of PolyGram and consultant for Kiss had been active in the early 1980s as a creative and had arranged for the deposition of the masks in 1983, called on MTV one a personal favor, and shortly thereafter, record company and MTV agreed. upon publication in March 1996 Kiss Unplugged was released on CD and double LP; the LP also contained the title Got to Chose.

In the U.S., the album received gold status.

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  • Kiss MTV Unplugged, Polygram Video 440058133-2 ( TV Version )
  • Kissology - The Ultimate Collection, Vol 3 1992-2000 ( uncut version with repetitions )