Kissi language

Spoken in

Niger - Congo

  • Atlantic - Congo Limba Mel Mel Bullom - Kissi

Kss (South Kissi ) kqs ( Northern Kissi )

Kissi (or Kisi ) is a West Atlantic tonal language which has two standard varieties: North and South Kissi Kissi.

The northern dialect is spoken in Guinea and Sierra Leone. In its northern form is often used loanwords from the Malinke and the language Mende, lately increasingly words from French and English, as the French the only official language of Guinea is and English is attached a great importance as a global language, especially in the technological area.

The southern dialect is spoken in Liberia and Sierra Leone. The two dialects are remarkably different, but closely related.

In Guinea, are the main places where the Kissi is spoken, the cities Kissidougou and Guéckédou and their respective prefectures.