Kitaa / Vestgrønland (West Greenland) was until 2009 one of the three counties ( amt ) of Greenland. It is located nearly 90 % of the total population in this area. The administrative headquarters was the capital of Greenland, Nuuk.

In the west, it bordered on the Baffin Bay, Davis Strait, Labrador Sea and the North Atlantic. To the east of the district tunu lay, and in the north of the district Avanersuaq.

All but three of the 18 municipalities were in Greenland West Greenland. These were ( in Geographical order, from south to north ):

With effect 1 January 2009, existing communities and districts by the four major municipalities Qeqqata Press Office, Kommuneqarfik Sermersooq, Qaasuitsup Press Office and Municipality Kujalleq were replaced as part of a comprehensive administrative reform.