Cithaeron ( ancient Greek Kithairon Κιθαιρών in Modern Greek, Kitheronas Κιθαιρώνας ), today Elatia, is the name of a mountain in Greece. Its highest elevation is 1,409 m. Here arises the river Asopus.

In ancient times the Kithairon Mountains formed the western border between Attica and Boeotia, which was secured by guard towers and castles (eg Panakton, Drymos, tribe ). In various cults here Dionysus, Zeus, Hera, and the Nymphs were worshiped. On the highest summit Daidalischen festivals were celebrated. To the south lay Eleutherai, the mythical origin of Dionysus. On the northern slope of the mountain the battle of Plataea occurred.

The Cithaeron mountain is also the site of several Greek myths: Heracles had here cattle guard and killed the lion Kithaironischen; Oedipus was exposed in this mountain; Apollo and Artemis killed here the children of Niobe; also play here the myth of Pentheus, Actaeon and Antiope.

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