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Kitwe Kitwe Nkana also Nkana - Kitwe or, is a city in northern Zambia's Copperbelt Province on the upper reaches of the Kafue River. It is equipped with 553,000 inhabitants, is the second largest city in Zambia, in the agglomeration live 1.2 million people. Kitwe is situated at 1,200 meters above sea level and is the seat of the administrative district of the same name.


Kitwe is through the Nkana mining complex of the main sites of copper extraction and processing in Zambia. The fall of copper prices on the world market in the 1990s was hard on the city. The people impoverished and lived partially in subsistence, partly on contaminated soils. First, the water supply broke down. By unrepaired burst pipes went from 1993 60 % of the water lost and water quality deteriorated rapidly. UN -HABITAT has therefore started a project. But since the privatization of the Nkana copper mines and Chambeshi Metals economically it comes up again. In the south of the city are Zambia's gemstone mines.

Kitwe is a working class town. It was founded in 1936 as a mining town, and received city rights in 1966. The Zambia Institute of Technology and the Zambia Chamber of Mines reside here. The industry in Kitwe is extensive and consists of the sectors of electrical engineering (Electrical Instrumentation Services Limited ), civil engineering (Pittsburgh Engineering Ltd. ), ironwork, furniture and plastics production. A jewelry and gemstone processing could be established, as well as further processing of agricultural products.

An important economic factor is the Chisokone market, where many merchants hawking their wares. The comprehensive range includes food, industrially manufactured household products and home-made assortment of traditional healers. There is a Shoprite supermarket.


Seven kilometers west of the city lie the Mindolo Reservoir and nine kilometers towards Ndola small Makwera cases with a lake. For the few tourists in Kitwe there is a hotel and several lodges. The airport in the west with a paved, 3,200 meter long runway has regular air traffic in 2009 set.

The town has two major business district ( First and Second Class ). Public institutions are the international Lechwe School, the Copperbelt University, several state colleges ( including the Kitwe Teachers School), three hospitals and a theater ( Kitwe Little Theater ). The only cinema has closed in March 2009.

In Kitwe is the seat of the Ecumenical Centre Mindolo, a Christian education center with a library, seminar rooms, canteen and quarters for teachers and students.

Sons and daughters of the town

  • Isaac Chansa ( born 1984 ), football player