Kiuas is a Finnish power metal band that was founded in 2000.

Band History

2000 founded the Friends Mikko Salovaara, Markku Näreneva, Teemu Tuominen and Atte Tanskanen together the band Kiuas after they had found in Ilja Jalkanen a singer for their band. Kiuas is Finnish and means as much as the heater.

After the two demo boards The Discipline of Steel ( 2002) and Born Under the Northern Lights ( 2003) and a good placement in a Metal Competition, the four Finns signed a contract with Rage of Achilles Records. After problems and the subsequent separation of the label Kiuas could stay with Spinefarm Records and in 2005 their first album The Spirit of Ukko to record the theme dealt with the Finnish god Ukko.

In May 2006 the band released their second LP Reformation, which reached # 21 in the Finnish album charts. On 12 March 2008 the third album The New Dark Age, which debuted at number 10 in the album chart was published. The previously tapped in February Single Of Sacrifice, Loss and Reward stayed for a week at number one on the singles charts.

In October 2010, singer Ilja Jalkanen left the band. Temporary Asim Searah was officially the beginning of 2011 as the new singer of Kiuas; he left the band in September 2012, however, again.


Singles and EPs

  • 2002: The Discipline Of Steel ( Demo EP )
  • 2003: Born Under the Northern Lights ( Demo EP )
  • 2004: Winter in June (EP, Rage Of Achilles Records)


  • 2005: The Spirit of Ukko ( Spinefarm Records)
  • 2006: Reformation ( Spinefarm Records)
  • 2008: The New Dark Age ( Spinefarm Records)
  • 2010: Lustdriven ( Spinefarm Records)