Kiwai Island

Kiwai is a single island and the largest island in the delta of the Fly, Papua New Guinea. It is 59 km long from the village Sepe at the northern tip to the village Samari at the southern tip, up to nine miles wide, has a circumference of 135.3 km and an area of ​​359.1 km ². A linguistic study was a population of 4500 for the island. , But the 2000 census showed only 2,092 inhabitants after. The neighboring islands Purutu and Wabuda also among the three largest islands in the Fly River Delta.

Kiwai shares for flow in a north arm and south arm one. The island is heavily wooded located a few meters above sea level.

The inhabitants of the river deltas live by farming and hunting. Coconut palms, breadfruit trees, vegetables bananas, sago palms and sugar cane are grown.

Administratively the island to Kwaii Rural LLG (Local Level Government area) of the South Fly District heard in the Western Province.

At the 2000 census the population of 2,092 distributed to eleven villages ( a twelfth village was uninhabited ) and two separate facilities along the coast:

F1 map with all coordinates: OSM, Google and Bing

The largest village, with 429 inhabitants, is located Uuwo, at the Nordköste. The second largest village, Samari lies at the southern tip of the island.