Kiyosu, Aichi

Kiyosu (Japanese清 须 市, -shi) is a city in Aichi Prefecture in Japan, north of Nagoya.


Kiyosu is located northwest of Nagoya.


The town was founded on 7 July 2005 by the merger of the three municipalities Kiyosu (清 洲 町, -chō ), Shinkawa (新 川 町, -chō ) and Nishibiwajima (西 枇杷 岛 町, -chō ). On 1 October 2009 Haruhi was incorporated from the Nishikasugai -gun.

Kiyosu is known primarily for his castle. It was built at the beginning of the Muromachi period as a "partner castle " Castle Shimozu in Inazawa. Shimozu burned down in 1476, Kiyosu then was the political center of Owari Province (northern part of present-day Aichi Prefecture). 1555 Oda Nobunaga moved from Nagoya to the castle of Kiyosu and headed from there numerous campaigns. After his death, his second son Nubukatsu took over the castle. After extensions to the castle grounds in 1586 covered an area of ​​1.6 by 2.8 km. 1610 Tokugawa Ieyasu moved the seat of government of the province of Owari back to Nagoya, and the castle of Kiyosu was largely demolished to build Nagoya. Until 1613 attracted about 60,000 people of Kiyosu to Nagoya, Kiyosu has retained some importance as a post town along the Mino - road ( Nagoya to Ogaki ). The remains of the castle of Kiyosu were destroyed by a flood of Goji River in 1614.

The present building of the castle of Kiyosu has been completely rebuilt in 1989 and houses a museum.


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Kiyosu is the seat of the engineering and defense company Howa Kōgyō.

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