Kk 62

The Valmet KK 62 is a machine gun of Finnish production. The weapon was introduced in 1966 in the Finnish armed forces and is still in use today.

Technical Description

In the design of the weapon, special emphasis was placed on capability, even under extreme weather conditions and use of inexpensive metal embossing techniques. The machine gun gives the impression of an improvised structure, but is well made and sturdy. The housing is made of steel embossing, is used as a piston, a hollow steel tube which is a conventional trigger missing. The deduction shall be protected only by a short rod and can be operated with Polar gloves.

The KK 62 is charged exclusively with cartridge belts, which are housed in a linen bag and are fed from the right. Since the rate of fire only sustained fire is quite high and possible, the run was not fixed and can be changed quickly. Is in not in the developed in the Soviet Union Short cartridge M43. The locking causes a breech block that tilts during the charge cycle up and locks into an abutment in the housing cover. The closure is similar to the vz.26 of the Czech ZB.