KK Alkar

KK Alkar is a basketball club from Sinj, Croatia. In the 2007/2008 season, the club plays in the Croatian first league.


Basketball was played in 1952 in Sinj for the first time. Three years later, in 1955, the club KK Tekstilac was founded, was the forerunner of today's society. During the following years several tournaments were contested with variable success.

1965, the club changed its name to KK Alkar and was in the same year champion in the Dalmatian League (4th league). After the climb to the third tier, the club always placed in the upper third of the table and won in 1972 even the pre-qualification to the Second League in Zadar. At the later main qualification then you failed due to the poorer basket ratio.

1978 pulled the KK Alkar to his games in a newly built hall to. Target was the rise in the second division, which the club but regularly failed to season 1980/1981.

Probably the most successful season was 1983/1984, when they failed until the Yugoslav Cup final at KK Bosna after they had eliminated the high KK Zadar Favorites in the semifinals. In the same year the KK Alkar rose in the first B- League Yugoslavia.

After the civil war in Croatia is kept bravely in the first Croatian league.

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