KK Šibenik

The KK Šibenik is a basketball club from the same city of Sibenik, Croatia. KK stands for " Košarkaški club" to German " basketball club ."

Club history

In 1980 rose " KK Šibenik " on the first Yugoslav League and brought in the following years until 1989, the ranking of the league completely messed up.

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Club Data

Jersey color: orange

Fan chant, " Si-Si Sibenka " and " jug te voli šibenko " ( "The South loves you, Šibenko " )

The home games are played indoors on Baldekin.


Champion of Yugoslavia:

1982/83 the title was, however, withdrawn subsequently, a few days after receiving the trophy and medals. The reason: You struggled against a repeat of the " imperial game" (at point equality and difference itself basket was a kind of Emperor game between the two clubs played ), which had won before his home crowd. They played against KK Bosna and won by free throws. Inexplicably, a complaint by the Association KK Bosna was filed, the free throws were not justified. The Association set a new emperor game fixed, but this time in Novi Sad, Serbia. Since it was feared shift in the finals again, did not want to take it. In the first final in a future world star drew attention to himself, Dražen Petrović. He transformed the crucial free throws.

According to the official rules of William Jones from the international federation FIBA from 1970 to 1979, a match will be counted with the result, as it turned out. No body can challenge or change, the best example of this is the Olympics 1972. Consequently KK Šibenik is officially champions in 1982/83 the result afterwards.

International success

Finalist in Korać Cup: 1981 /82 1982/83 Man lost both finals against each CSP Limoges by controversial refereeing decisions.

Known player

  • Dražen Petrović ( from our own youth)
  • Aleksandar Petrović


The association has set up a curious world record after he lagged with 18 baskets in front of his home crowd against KK Partizan difference, playing with the big names like Vlado Divac, Paspalij, Djordjevic and others, and to a series of 21:0 or 24:1 lay and thus turned the game. It should be noted, that was still being played with only two periods (not like today four quarters ), the clock also has not stopped after each basket -won.

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