KK Zagreb

2009/10: 4th place

2010/11: 5th Place

KK Zagreb is a basketball club based in Zagreb, Croatia. He currently plays in the Croatian first division, as well as in the ABA league.


The basketball club Zagreb was founded in 1970 under the name KK Siget. In the season 1976 the name was changed in OKK Novi Zagreb. Through hard work, the association step by step through the leagues of former Yugoslavia increased with time until they arrived in 1989 in the first division of the Republic, which was regarded as one of the strongest in Europe. Since the club was financially weak on his legs has always concentrated on hard work and enthusiasm to keep the club alive. Therefore the ant was chosen as the mascot of the club to put the tireless efforts in scene. Apart from the district of Novi Zagreb was known that was held by the accumulation of ants crowds in the area, this little guy almost as a pet.

The ' ants from Trnsko ' wear since 1991 the present name KK Zagreb. In the first Croatian league, which was founded after the Civil War in the Balkans, they played from the beginning an important role, but you could have successfully stand up to the big three, KK Cibona, KK KK Split and Zadar. The best placement in the regular competition was the third place to be held in the years 1993, 1994, 1998, 2002 and 2004. Furthermore, one skilled in the years 1997, 2000, 2002, 2003 and 2004 for the semifinals of the playoffs.

In the Croatian Cup (now Kup Krešimira Cosica named after Krešimir Cosic ) reached to six times the Final Four in 1998 even the final.

In European competitions they participated regularly since 1992. Best result was the finale in Korać Cup 1993 which had been lost to FC Barcelona.

One focus of the club policy is the promotion of youth players. So it is not surprising that the average age of the professional team of around 20 years. At present in the individual youth categories over 500 basketball players. KK Zagreb is in Croatia as a synonym for the basis of their own youth. This is due to the already mentioned financial side of the club, which has not improved after Croatia's independence. Is proud of have been actively involved on the silver medal of the Croatian national youth team in 2001, in which four ants.

In contrast to the professional club, the youth club can look forward to two league titles. Thus it succeeded in 2002-2004 twice to win the title. In the last five years, it regularly takes part in the finals of the country. In the younger categories further three league titles come together. In the current Croatian national team play three former players of KK Zagreb, these are the brothers Ivan and Marko Tomas and Damir Miljkovic.

Since the introduction of ABA league, take more or less regularly participate in this, but could still recorded no significant successes there.

On 4 October 2007 a ​​new main sponsor was found. With the signing of the contracts of the club changed its name and is the name of the next four years KK Zagreb CO. The CO is the main sponsor Croatia osiguranje ( insurance company ).

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The stands of ŠD Trnsko in Novi Zagreb district courts hold 2,500 and go up to the pitch. She is a multi-function hall and in addition to basketball also the clubs from the sports volleyball, handball, indoor soccer, table tennis, rhythmic gymnastics, badminton, karate, and other martial arts. In the 25-year history of the hall also scattered competitions were held at the Universiade 1987 and at the 2nd Military World Championships in 1999. In recent years, is also regularly the traditional ' karate Croatia kup ' held in the hall. In the summer of 2006 it was also used for the European Volleyball Championship of Women ( junior women).


Known coach

  • Bosko "Pepsi " Bozic

Well-known former players

  • Željko Poljak
  • Josip Sesar
  • Goran Sobin