KKL is an abbreviation for:

  • Karluk Lake Seaplane Base, an airfield at Karluk Lake, Alaska, USA to the ICAO code
  • Kauno ketaus liejykla, an iron foundry in Lithuania
  • Keren Kayemet Le - Israel, Hebrew name for the Jewish National Fund
  • Nuclear power plant body city, in the municipality of body city (Canton Aargau, Switzerland ) on the Rhine
  • Compression class of compression stockings, compression stocking # see action principle
  • Conference of the Evangelical church leaders in the GDR (also conference of church leaders ), a former governing body of the Protestant church on the territory of the GDR, 1969 at the KKL acted as the most important organ of the Federation of the Evangelical Churches in the GDR
  • Culture and Congress Centre songs hall, a concert hall and conference center in Stuttgart
  • Culture and Convention Centre Lucerne, a multifunctional building with a concert hall, which is valued for its high-caliber acoustics, built by the plans of the architect Jean Nouvel
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