KKPK Medyk Konin

The KKPK Medyk Konin ( Koniński club Piłkarstwa Kobiecego Medyk Konin ) is a Polish women's football club from the city of Konin. Since her rise in the Playoff Final, the team always plays in the front table area, but more than 6 runner-up did not come out of it. In the 2007 /08 season they lost the last match against KS AZS Wrocław the deciding game and had to leave the enemy from Breslau the title seemed to be sure. In the cup they won four titles so far.

Known player

  • Radoslawa Slawtschewa, Bulgarian national team
  • Laetitia Chapeh Yimga, Cameroonian national team
  • Agata Tarczyńska, Polish national team


  • Runner-up: 2002 / 03, 2003/ 04, 2005/ 06, 2007/ 08, 2009/10, 2010/11
  • Polish soccer cup winner of the women: 2004/ 05, 2005/ 06, 2007/ 08, 2012/13