Klaus-Dieter Kirchstein

Klaus -Dieter Kirchstein is a former amateur boxer from East Germany and bronze medalist of the World Championship in 1982.



He boxed for SC Dynamo Berlin, was four times GDR champion bantamweight and four runners-up in the fly and bantamweight;

He also won in 1982 and 1985 respectively the chemical Cup of Hall and is a multiple winner of the Berliner TSC tournament, among other things, in the years 1982, 1983 and 1985. Among the defeated opponents included Manuel Vilchez from Venezuela, Poland Sławomir Zapart, Henryk Srednicki and Tomasz Krupiński, and Tibor Botoš from Hungary.


In November 1979 he won the flyweight Police Championships in Sofia. In May 1982, he participated in the 3rd World Championships in Munich, winning a bronze medal in the bantamweight after he was only defeated in the semifinals against Viktor Miroshnichenko from the Soviet Union. Previously, he had defeated Rafael Cárdenas from Cuba, Róbinson Pitalua from Colombia and Burhan Koç from Turkey.

Another bronze medal in the bantamweight title he won at the European Championships 1983 in Varna, with victories against Sławomir Zapart from Poland and Maurizio Stecca from Italy. In the semifinals, this time he was almost failed with 2:3 judges' votes at the Yugoslavs Sami Buzoli.

Through the participation of numerous boycott Socialist States in the 1984 Olympic Games in the United States, Kirchstein was denied a part in the Olympics. Instead Alternative Olympics ( " Friendhips Tournament" ) were held in Cuba, which won Kirchstein after a semi-final defeat against Cuban Ramon Ledon, a bronze medal. Ledon he defeated but later in the Chemistry Cup in Halle.

In 1985, he took another at the European Championships in Budapest, where he won against John Davison from England in the quarter finals but lost against Ljubisa Simic from Yugoslavia, reaching fifth place.

He also won, among others, the zloty Żubr Tournament 1978 in Poland, the 6 Tammer Tournament in Finland in 1983 and the 17th Grand Prix tournament in 1986 in the Czech Republic. In the latter, he beat in the semifinals and the Cuban world champion from 1989, Enrique Carrión. In countries fighting he struck twice in 1983 and 1985, the American Robert Shannon Sean Murphy Englishman.