Klaus Koch

Klaus Koch ( born October 4, 1926 in Sulzbach, today Apolda ) is a German Protestant theologian and professor emeritus of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern History of Religions at the University of Hamburg.


Koch studied in Heidelberg, Bethel, Mainz and Tübingen (1946-1950) and was with Gerhard von Rad assistant in Heidelberg. Between 1954 and 1956 he was a Protestant pastor in Jena. 1957 Habilitation at Friedrich Koch Baumgärtel and accepted a lectureship in Erlangen. A year later brought him Hans -Joachim Kraus at the newly founded Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University of Hamburg. In 1960 Koch a call to the Theological College of Wuppertal. Since 1962, Koch worked as a professor of Old Testament and Ancient Near Eastern Religion History in Hamburg, in 1991 he became Professor Emeritus. Guest professor cooking in the U.S. and India. Klaus Koch received an honorary doctorate from the Faculty of Protestant Theology of the University of Rostock, due to its outstanding commitment to teaching and the reconstruction of the faculty. Among his students numerous domestic and foreign theologians and teachers, including Eckart Otto, Bernd Janowski, Martin Rosel, Gnana Robinson, Nelson Kirst.

Klaus Koch is a member of the Joachim- Jungius Society of Sciences, a senior member of the Academy of Sciences in Hamburg, as well as a corresponding member of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences.

His brothers are the Protestant theologian Prof. Dr. Traugott Koch ( Systematic Theology ) and Prof. Dr. Gebhard Koch, Ordiniarius em. of Medical Cell Biochemistry at the University Hospital Hamburg- Eppendorf. Since 1978, Klaus Koch is married to the doctor Eva- Maria Koch.

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