Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium


The Kleanthis Vikelidis Stadium is a football stadium in Thessaloniki, Greece. The football club Aris plays its home games from here. The stadium was renamed to Kleanthis Vikelidis 2004, on the basis of the former football player and Greek champions of 1946. Previously, the stadium was simply Gipedo Areos ( Γήπεδο Άρεως, Aris field) or Gipedo Charilaou ( Γήπεδο Χαριλάου, Charilaou field / stadium). Charilaou is, the part of town where the stadium is located. Popularly Charilaou is still popular.


The football stadium was opened in the year 1951. Expansion of the stadium took place since it was built in stages. 1969 was moved for the first time a grass surface. In 1972 the main stand was roofed in the West. The North Stand, which is the home crowd, reserved, was completed in 1975.

Because of the Olympic football tournaments in the 2004 Summer Olympics modernization measures were adopted. During the Games, the stadium acted as a training venue.


The Charilaou is a pure football stadium without a running track for athletics competitions. Particularly striking are the asymmetric grandstands, which give the stadium a heterogeneous appearance. This is due to the particularly cramped conditions around the stadium, which are fundamental expansion measures in the way. This is particularly evident in the North Stand, which decreases from east to west in the number of rows. The most obvious change after renovation in 2004 was the construction of a new grandstand. This is in contrast to the old in possession of a high rank, which is defined by a tier of boxes from the lower tier.

In addition, the new stadium seats got which are held in the club colors of yellow and black. In addition, the grids were in front of the side stands, which the stands from the field broke away, and the point where the local fans are housed replaced with Plexiglas.

Coat of Use

Below the main grandstand is located next to the dressing rooms, a sports hall and a sports pool, which serves the swimming department of Aris Thessaloniki as a training venue. In addition, the stadium has a restaurant, cafés and catering areas for VIPs.


  • Capacity: 22,800 (excluding seats)
  • Attendance record: 27,500 at the game Aris - AEK Athens (11 March 1979)
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  • Football stadium in Greece
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  • Building in Thessaloniki
  • Built in the 1950s