Kléber Dadjo

Kléber Dadjo (* 1914, † 1979) in 1967 was briefly president of Togo.

Dadjo joined the French army and moved to the independence of Togo in 1960 to its armed forces. There he was a member of the General Staff and was the end of the term of office Sylvanus Olympio commander of the small 120 -strong Togolese army. At coup against Olympio on 13 January 1963 that emanated from originating from Togo former French mercenaries to Emmanuel Bodjollé, Dadjo was not involved. As the new President Olympio rival Nicolas Grunitzky was used by the rebels, Dadjo remained in the military and served in the Cabinet Grunitzkys as private secretary.

Exactly four years later, on January 13, 1967 also Grunitzky was overthrown and Dadjo Colonel, who was not involved in this coup, was on 14 January as chairman of a committee set up the National Reconciliation (Comité de Réconciliation National, CRN) appointed which consisted of eight members. He was replaced by Gnassingbé Eyadema, who was also involved in the coup of 1963 and had initiated the coup of 1967, Eyadema declared himself President on 15 April 1967.