Klein Rheide

Small Rheide ( Low German: Lütt Rei, Danish: Lille Rejde ) is a municipality west of the ox walk in the district of Schleswig -Flensburg, in Schleswig- Holstein.

Geography and transport

Small Rheide lies about 18 km south-west of Schleswig in a rural environment. East of the church extend the federal highway 77 and the Federal Highway 7 from Schleswig to Rendsburg. A portion of the air base Schleswig situated in the municipality.


The place was first mentioned in 1337 as " parvo Reyde ", possibly referring to the original name of Rheider Au or resulting from a pier on the way from Hollingstedt at the treene Hedeby on the Schlei. The origin of the place name is not substantiated.

In the district of Frederick Heath there was a colonist settlement. In their place, the military use airfield Jagel has been created.


Municipal council

Of the nine seats in the municipal council voters Community KWG had all the seats in the local elections of 2008. In the local elections on May 26, 2013, the turnout was 57.2 percent. The distribution is not changed.


For the election period 2013-2018 Werner Kramer (KWG) was elected mayor. He succeeds by Johann Heinrich Kopke.

Coat of arms

Blazon: "In green over a bowed golden wave beams a silver, black colored lapwing; in the left Obereck a six -eared golden sheaf. "

In the center of the emblem stands a lapwing, which refers to the numerous wetlands in the municipality. The sheaf beside it draws attention to the agricultural economic embossing of the place. The wave stripes stands for the Rheider Au.


The community is predominantly agricultural.


1766 who later became teachers and discoverers of cowpox vaccination Peter Plett was born in Klein Rheide.