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Kleinarl is a municipality with 768 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013 ) in the province of Salzburg in the district of St. Johann im Pongau in Austria.


The municipality is located in Pongau in the Salzburg region on the edge of the Hohe Tauern National Park.

Districts are Hinterkleinarl and Mitterkleinarl. The village belongs to the municipality Vorderkleinarl Wagrain. The town is crossed by Kleinarler Bach.

The highest mountain of the resort is the Faulkogel ( 2654m ), the most striking and at the same time, however, the local mountain Ennskraxn ( 2410m ), also called " Krax ". In its immediate vicinity of the river Enns springs.

Coat of arms

The municipal coat of arms is: "In a green shield a golden deer antler twelve -ended and with the scab, between the bars a silver sechsspeichiges cartwheel. "

Population Development

Population Development 1971 - 2010 (Source: Statistics Austria)


Source: Population Development of Statistics Austria

Culture and sights

  • The Gothic parish church of St.. Lawrence was consecrated in 1443. The altar was created in 1775 by sculptor Peter Schmid. From 1984 to 1986 was the demolition of the baroque extension building of 1775 and a new addition to the plans of architect Heinz Tesar.
  • Parsonage Kleinarl
  • 2010, the new Town Hall was opened. It is a contemporary building with an autonomous body of wood on the ground floor. The buildings are located next to the municipal office and the office of the Tourism Association Kleinarl as well as a multi-functional meeting rooms and Customs group room. That with the Timber Award 2011 Salzburg excellent building was designed by the architect Kathrin Aste. The execution was carried out by the Kleinarler Carpentry Guggenberger.

Natural Monuments

  • Jägersee
  • Tappenkarsee

Economy and infrastructure

The tourist had in winter 2012/2013 190 714 overnight stays, in the summer of 2010 111 592 overnight stays.


Sons and daughters:

  • Annemarie Moser -Pröll ( born March 27, 1953), former Austrian alpine skier
  • Cornelia Pröll ( born January 21, 1961), former Austrian alpine skier
  • Sepp Neumayr ( born April 3, 1932), Composer