Kleine Ammer

The little bunting in Weidmoos

The Little Bunting is a left tributary of the river Ammer south of Oberammergau in Upper Bavaria.


It rises east of the cream in the source funnels of the Little Bunting sources in Weidmoos. There, for the most part the waters of the west percolating Linder comes to light again. In about 30 resurgences in which you can see bubbles rising, spring small source streams that flow together after a few meters. The outflow of Western sources was diverted artificially to the southeast. It crosses through culvert the river bed of the young Ammer, fed as Mühlbach the Ettaler mill and opens at the Marie cave from the right in the Ammer.

From the eastern resurgences the little bunting that meanders below the Falkenwand on Rappenkopf ( 1408 m) rises. Compared to the bear cave it flows from the left in the Ammer.