Kleine Zeitung

The Kleine Zeitung is the largest regional newspaper in Austria, which appears in the provinces of Styria, Carinthia and Eastern Tyrol. The chief editor of the newspaper founded in 1904 is located in Graz.

Focus of coverage are in addition to the day's events, the local and state politics in the catchment area of the newspaper.

In addition to the main editorial offices in Graz and Klagenfurt, leaf Regional editors operates in all districts in Carinthia and Styria. The region appear own requirements, which differ by the district part (about four pages). Many articles of the Lesser newspaper also appear in the New Vorarlberg daily newspaper as well as to their recruitment in the New newspaper for Tyrol due to a cooperation agreement.

The Kleine Zeitung is one of the cooperative members of the Austria Press Agency ( APA). In addition, it is present with the greatest editor of a newspaper in the states capital, Vienna.

On Thursday there is a weekly television newspaper Tele, which can be seen. On Wednesday and Saturday there is a supplement " My career " and a side dish "My car ". On Saturday there is a supplement " Healthy Family "


Kleine Zeitung was founded in 1904 by the Catholic Press Association, the first issue was published on Tuesday, November 22 that year. The basic idea was then to issue a tremendously cheap regional newspaper that addresses the domestic operations special attention. Thus it is to be different from the rest, mainly produced in Vienna Austrian newspapers. Here, the editors believed that the price of two per Heller none in the whole number (quotations from the title page of the first edition of the Small Newspaper ).

Today, the entity owned the Styria Media Group newspaper has approximately 400 employees and a reach of 11.8 percent of the total Austrian population.

Advanced management and editorship

Editor in Chief Hubert Patterer, his deputy, Thomas Goetz. The management of the editorial office in Klagenfurt is editor in chief Eva Weissenberger and her deputy Adolf Winkler.


The Kleine Zeitung has launched the first daily newspaper in Austria in 1970, the institution of a newspaper ombudsman in life. The Ombudsman's editorial is a free start-up and counseling center for readers who have problems in various areas of life, with authorities or companies. Legal advice and representation is not offered - it is attempted in Interventionsweg to find an acceptable solution for all concerned, with the publicity coverage in the newspaper helps in problem solving.

The first Ombudsman acted Egon Blaschka ( 1970-1988 ). He was succeeded by Werner Supper ( 1988-2000 ). Since 2000 Peter Filzwieser is served in this position. The average yearly reach 2500-3500 inquiries the Ombudsman team.

Unlike in-house ombudsmen who deal primarily a complaints management within the company, you can adhere to the ombudsman editorial Kleine Zeitung - For all our problems with banking, insurance, different companies, authorities, etc. - in addition to in-house problems.

Other Publications

Small children's newspaper

Since 22 January 2011, there is a weekly newspaper with small children specially prepared for children, news and reports, can order only to subscribers. It is published every Saturday.


G7 was for a time issued free and the budgets set before the door town of Graz weekly newspaper. It was then only the regular edition of the Small, for subscribers - Sundays - settled in Graz, since 2013 editorial in the regular edition - whether print or online - virtually integrated as a regional section.

G7 is a subsidiary of Kleine Zeitung. The first publication of G7 as a standalone Free sheet can be seen as a reaction to the appearance of other free newspapers.


The original fictional newspaper called Amanda Klachl. This market woman gives the daily short comments on current issues. Was Created in 1971 by Dieter Gogg these glosses, which she also wrote until 2000. Since his death, she continues to be written by others. Currently, she appears on the last page. The picture Amanda has remained unchanged since 1971, a modernization attempt failed because of the protest of the reader.

Scrooge, the good spirit presents recipes and household tips at irregular intervals. Collections have also been published in book form.

The Kleine Zeitung organized including the annual Carnival parade in Graz, for the sake of the World Ski Championships in Schladming, however, paused, 2013, and every autumn the Graz marathon.


In 2006, the Kleine Zeitung was honored as "Europe's best designed newspaper ," In 2007 she received from the International Newspaper Marketing Association ( INMA ) the " Best of Show" for the world's best marketing campaign in the daily newspaper as well as for the best brand development. 2013, the Kleine Zeitung was awarded two Digital Media Awards of the World Newspaper Association WAN -IFRA for the multimedia presentation at the World Ski Championships in Schladming.