Kleistpark (Berlin U-Bahn)

Metro Station Kleist Park was opened on 29 January 1971 and is a station of the Berlin U -Bahn line U7. It is close to the Heinrich-von -Kleist - Park at the intersection Grunewald-/Haupt-/Potsdamer street in the district of Schöneberg.


By 1970, the Metro Station Kleist Park was built to a design by Rainer G. Rümmler. The walls were covered with gray tiles and the circular columns with aluminum plates. The SNB had until 2008 its headquarters directly at the Kleist Park in Potsdamer Straße. Under the platform of the U7 is the shell of a platform of planned and realized to date line U10. At the distribution level of the station, BVG has built a glass center for the passenger information on the U7. The station, which is referred to in the station list of the BVG as Kt, has an elevator and a blind control system, so it is called a barrier-free.


At the metro station is a transfer possibility of the U7 to several bus lines of the Berlin Transport Authority.