Kletzin is a municipality in the northern part of the Mecklenburg Lake District. It belongs to the Office Demmin country, which has its administrative headquarters in Demmin.

Geography and transport

Kletzin is located about seven kilometers northeast of Demmin and five kilometers south of Loitz. Federal highway 194 runs north and the highway 110 south of the community.


  • Kletzin
  • Ueckeritz
  • Quitzerow
  • Pensin


Kletzin was first documented in 1305 and Ueckeritz in 1304. Until the mid-16th century the places belonging to the estate of the monastery Verchen and then switched to the Duke of Pomerania Office Loitz. Around 1560, a domain Vorwerk was created in Kletzin on which had to perform forced labor, the farmers of the village and some surrounding villages. Around 1580, there was in Kletzin next to the ducal Vorwerk and eight sheep farms and a Kate location in Ueckeritz seven farms and Kate seven points.

During the Thirty Years War, the villages were partially destroyed, the inhabitants had fled or died. In 1641 there were in Kletzin a farm and two Kate locations Ueckeritz was completely desolate. Addition, however, was the Vorwerk on. Until 1713/20 included both places to Swedish Pomerania, then to Prussian Pomerania, but remained still in office Loitz. In 1700 Ueckeritz was rebuilt and occupied the most of the farms. At the beginning of the 19th century, the domain was sold and Vorwerk basis at a manor. The farms were initially still in royal possession and were also sold to its owner in the course of the Prussian agrarian reforms of the 19th century.


Pensin was incorporated into Quitzerow on 1 January 1960. On 1 June 2004 Quitzerow was incorporated along with Pensin after Kletzin.


  • Churches in Ueckeritz and Kletzin
  • Church and mausoleum in Pensin
  • Built farmhouse in Ueckeritz 1800


  • Hans Friedrich (1886-1954), settlers in Quitzerow and member of the Reichstag of the NSDAP