KLH (company)

KLH is an American audio company that was founded in 1957 by Henry Kloss, Malcolm Lowe, and J. Anton Hoffman under the name KLH Research and Development Corporation in Cambridge, Massachusetts. The company name " KLH " derives from the initials of the founder from ( Kloss, Lowe, Hoffman ).

Initially, the company only speaker, later other products as well, such as the Model Eight, a sharp separation, great sounding table radio, optionally used with second speaker, some audio devices, transistors and a portable record player (Model Eleven ) produced.

In the year before its sale to the Singer Corporation in 1964, the company generated $ 17 million in sales, employed over 500 people and sold over 30,000 speakers. In 1980 the company of Electro Audio Dynamics was. bought and settled in California.

After KLH was taken over by the Japanese company Kyocera and shifted production overseas. Kyocera stopped the manufacture of audio products in 1989 and was held in Forest Sound and Verit Industries a buyer for the brand name. Today, the company is located in Santa Ynez, California, and operates under the name KLH audio system.