Kly (Mělník District)

Kly ( German Kell ), is a village in the Czech Republic. It is located five kilometers north of Neratovice and belongs to Okres Melnik.


Kly is located on the right side of the Elbe above the Vltava River estuary on the canal Tuhaňská strouha.

Neighboring towns are Turbovice and Skuhrov in the north, Vinice, Krauzovna, Vavrinec and Maly Újezd ​​in the northeast, Záboří in the east, Tuhaňské Větrušice, Cervena piska and Tuhaň the southeast, Kelské Větrušice in the south, Obříství and Dušníky the southwest, Zálezlice in the west and Úpor and Vrbno in the northwest.


The first mention of Kly place in the year 1344.

1618 Kly was part of the Gutsherrschaft Obříství. 1620 Obříství was confiscated as the property of Václav Pětiprstý with all accessories and sold to Polyxena of Lobkowicz. During the Thirty Years' War Kly was desolate, the Berni rula has only a pawn for the location. 1786 consisted of 54 houses and Kly had 292 inhabitants.

Kly was opposite the island Aupor, which was enclosed by two arms of the Vltava and Elbe. The Elbe flood in 1845, in which the level rose to 7.26 meters above the normal height, flooded the village. Here is the place were devastated and destroyed crops. The following year, the water followed the fire. Case of major fire of 1846 burned down about a third of the farms of Kell. Due to its location on the river Kly was also affected by the floods of 1862, 1872 and 1890. In 1890 lived in the village of 702 people in 129 houses. During the 20th century Kly experienced a strong expansion, especially along the state road created new housing estates. Thus, the number of houses grew to 379 in the year 200; At this time, the village had 925 inhabitants.

The settlements Dolni Vinice and Hoření Vinice were once part of the district Kelské Vinice and, together with Lom and Krauzovna reported as districts since March 28, 2001.

Community structure

The municipality consists of the villages Dolni Kly Vinice, Hoření Vinice, Krauzovna ( Krausovna ), Lom, Větrušice (also Kelské Větrušice, German: Wietruschitz ) and Záboří ( Saborsch ).


  • Štěpanovský silniční most ( Stephen Überfuhr ) road bridge over the Elbe, south of town
  • Church in Záboří
  • Chapel in Kly