The KM2000 is a combat knife of the Bundeswehr.

The preparation according to NATO quality guidelines over the company Eickhorn -Solingen Ltd.. , Which manufactures the diameter of only two components. The approximately 172 mm long Tanto blade is made of 440A (DIN 14110 ) stainless steel and has a solid spine thickness of about 5 mm and a partially serrated on the posterior half. Since 2008 there is also a version with a spear point blade ( KM3000 ). From serial number A 0001 Eickhorn KM2000 has improved in the processing and steel quality. Instead of 440A steel used originally comes with the new production line of high quality Boehler N695 steel ( HRC 57 ) are used, which has a much higher cutting performance.

The handle is symmetrically formed, so that the diameter of the left and right-handed people can be used. The handle is made of glass fiber reinforced PA6 ( GRP) and the front has a notched thumb ramp. The continuous piece of metal exits the end of the handle to serve as a disc crusher. The possibility of using a wire cutter ( in conjunction with the sheath) is not given. The weight of the knife is approximately 320 grams and has a total length of about 305 mm.

There is a small pre-production with a handle similar to the ACK

The holder consists of two parts, the vagina and the support member, wherein the vagina, as well as the handle is made of fiberglass. It has a spring which secures the blade from falling inside. Outside glued to the vagina Schärfpad. The supporting member is used to attach the vagina, including diameter at the combat vest or belt and is made from Cordura fabric. Vagina and support member are joined by a push-button and a Velcro closure and weigh 525 grams with a knife.