Knebel, Denmark

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Knebel is a small town on the Danish peninsula Djursland Mols landscape with 599 inhabitants (as of 1 January 2013). Knebel is the seat of the parish gag Sogn. Immediately to the west is the gag Vig, an almost fully -closed bay of Kalo Vig, about a kilometer southeast lies Knebel Bro, the Port of gag. East of gag are the hills of Mols. To the north is the next place Vrinners.

Prior to 1970, gag Sogn formed with Rolsø the rural community of gag - Rolsø. This was in 1970 in the course of administrative reform in the Ebeltoft municipality, which merged into the municipality Syddjurs again in 2007.

In the southern district of the Church of gag, a Romanesque building from the period is around 1175 with a small roof skylights and surrounding cemetery. About a kilometer east of the road to Agri is the Poskær Stenhus.

In gag, there is also a school, a kindergarten and some doctors and shops. By gag leads the Marguerite Route.