Knights of the Round Table (film)

The Knights of the Round Table (Original Title: Knights of the Round Table) is an American- British feature film from 1953 The film was released by Le Morte d'Arthur by Thomas Malory. .


The film tells the legend of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table. Arthur has created an empire around his yard Camelot of good. The king is generally popular and has the confidence of his subjects. His closest confidant is the knight Lancelot. However, Lancelot falls in love with the future queen and wife of King Arthur, Guinevere. As this is the evil Mordred learns which also rises as the husband of Arthur's half-sister Morgan le Fay claim to the throne, he used this knowledge to destroy Camelot, and the kingdom of King Arthur. The battle for the throne of Britain begins, Lancelot and Arthur helps to save the kingdom, where Arthur and Mordred lose their lives.


The Knight film - the first production of MGM in the then new revolutionary CinemaScope widescreen process - is the second part of the Knights trilogy of the troika Pandro S. Berman (Producer), Richard Thorpe (director) and Robert Taylor ( male lead ). He lit up the beginnings of chivalry, while the predecessor Ivanhoe - The Black Knight (1952 ) with the peak and the successor to Love, Death and the Devil (1955 ) to the end of the medieval era employed. Were filmed all three films in the MGM British Studios in Borehamwood near London, and also for the Knights of the Round Table, the gigantic castle backdrop was again used, which has been built for Ivanhoe there.


" Specialists of medieval literature will be whether this lavish, star-studded Hollywood film version of the Arthurian legend, of course, pulling their hair out. Apart from that, the film is a hand- made ​​piece of glossy entertainment cinema that makes a lot of knight - romance, nobility and fray for Kurzweil and has visually attractive. "


The film received an invitation to compete at the International Film Festival of Cannes 1954. 1954 he was nominated Best Production Design and Best Sound for an Oscar in the category.


The Knights of the Round Table had its premiere on 22 December 1953. In the Federal Republic of Germany, he started on 17 December 1954 in the cinemas. In the GDR, it was first broadcast on 21 February 1986 at the TV on DFF 1. On 22 August 2002, the work appeared on video, and on 13 January 2006 on DVD ( Warner Bros. Entertainment).


  • Miklós Rózsa: Knights of the Round Table. Original Motion Picture Soundtrack. Part 1 of the 2- CD Sets Knights of the Round Table / The King's Thief. FSM Golden Age Classics. Turner / Rhino / Film Score Monthly, Burbank, Culver City, among others 2003, Media -No. FSM Vol 6 No. 7 - digitally restored original recording of the complete film music (stereo ) by the MGM Studio Orchestra conducted by the composer